Borg Warner is a world leader in turbocharger technology.  Well known for their involvement in the automotive sector, especially their VGT (Variable Geometry Turbine) design used by Porsche, Borg Warner is now a leader in diesel turbo technology.

Borg Warner is the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit in world renowned company.  They retain a research and development department that is constantly seeking better ways to meet the strict emissions controls of today’s environmentally conscious engine manufacturers.

Borg Warner’s manufacturing and distribution spans 18 countries and consists of 60 individual facilities.  Their diesel turbo technology can be found on almost all of the major diesel engine OEMs.  The partnership between Turbo Solutions and Borg allows us to maintain a deep inventory to keep your engine up and running.  Turbo Solutions commitment to the Borg Warner Corporation will allow us to continue to grow and thrive in the constantly evolving turbocharger market.