Warren Klein is the founder and former CEO of TransAxle Corp., a premier remanufacturer of transmissions, axles, and hydraulics. During his tenure, Warren led the corporation’s expansion, growing the business from one to 18 branch locations along the Eastern Seaboard. Under Warren’s leadership, the company grew to become one of the largest remanufacturers for heavy duty trucks and equipment.

After selling his company, Warren experienced both financial freedom and a crisis of the meaning in life — his work was both his passion and identity. After taking time off, Warren has reemerged in a new business with a different product. While exploring the growing turbo industry, Warren was introduced to Ty Hagy. Ty the “Turbo Reman Guy” was employed by a large remanufacturing company where he had spent 17 years developing top quality products. Ty was searching for new opportunities and challenges to advance his career. The combination of Warren’s and Ty’s passions lead to the birth of Turbo Solutions.

Turbo Solutions differentiates itself as an ‘up time’ based business, using state of the art equipment, supporting and assisting truck dealers, parts distributors, and professional installers in dealing with their complex turbo requirements. With over 58 years of hands-on experience in heavy duty sales and re-manufacturing, along with an emphasis on aftermarket distribution, we are your Turbo Solution!