The Holset Engineering Company, formerly located in Huddersfield, UK, was founded in 1952.  Holset Engineering was well known for its accomplishments with respect to turbochargers.  In 1973 Cummins Incorporated acquired the well respected Holset Engineering Company and formed Holset Turbochargers.  The acquisition gave Cummins the ability to combine the technology of, both companies, and distribute their turbochargers to the other diesel engine manufacturers of the world.

Holset is known for their cutting-edge designs that allowed many of the major Original Equipment Manufacturers to produce engines that comply with the strict greenhouse regulations that have been spreading around the globe.  The agreement between Turbo Solutions and Holset allows us to remanufacture Holset turbochargers to Original Equipment Manufacturers specifications with Original Equipment Manufacturers parts.  Our access to the Holset E-Tool gives us the ability to verify the proper operation of all the turbocharger / actuator combinations that we distribute.  The Holset name is one that Turbo Solutions carries with great pride.  Our strict adherence to the Holset brand policy assures that you will receive the highest quality, remanufactured turbocharger with each order.