The Turbo Solutions ID Tag is our commitment that you can install our Turbo with 100% confidence.

When Turbo Solutions remanufactures a turbocharger, we are putting our reputation on the line.  We do not cut corners or allow anything but the highest quality products to pass our quality control process.  Each turbocharger that we remanufacture is subject to a complete tear down and thorough inspection.  Precision measurements are taken at all the critical points to ensure that we are only remanufacturing the turbochargers that meet the Original Equipment Manufacturers specifications.

Each turbocharger, new and remanufactured, come with a 1-year unlimited mile/hour warranty.  We build our products to last by holding ourselves to the strict guidelines of the Original Equipment Manufacturer.  Our turbos reflect our reputation and we are committed to delivering a quality product to our customers every time.

Another important fact to remember is that Turbo Solutions is ready to provide for your wholesale business.  Our deep inventory will keep your shelves full of fast moving part numbers and satisfy your ‘just in time’ needs as well.  We have the ability to private label and we can offer volume discounts that will maximize your bottom line.  Call our sales team today to have a custom program developed to fit your business needs.