Turbo Solutions offers a high-quality product at a very competitive price.  All of our remanufactured products come with the same 1-year, unlimited mileage guarantee that the major Original Equipment Manufacturers are offering.  We remanufacture on site in Pennsauken, New Jersey with state of the art cleaning and high speed balancing equipment.  Each turbocharger that we remanufacture is subject to a complete tear down and thorough inspection.  Precision measurements are taken at all the critical spots to ensure that we are only remanufacturing the turbochargers that meet the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s specifications.  Each turbocharger is completely reassembled with Original Equipment Manufacturer quality parts and includes all journal bearings, thrust bearings, seals and any other worn or out of specification components.  The turbo is then balanced, at operating speed, on a state of the art computerized balancing machine.  We take pride in our quality control process and include all necessary installation gaskets with our turbochargers when they are packaged for shipment.

Turbo Solutions offers our turbochargers with and without actuators.  All pneumatic actuators are tested to be free of leaks and electronic actuators are calibrated and ready to install.